Is this just a myth? A thing of the past? Have we lost all social awareness? Sure, I admit I am somewhat irritable this week and my tolerance threshold is low and yes,I am going to blame my hormones for that, but I think anyone subjected to my experiences in regards to personal space violation would be feeling the same.

This concept seems foreign to just so many people. How do we educate these people that our bodies should not be touching?

I don’t like being touched or sensing that people are right up in my space in any direction. Being summer and really humid at the moment only makes matters worse. You know what I am referring to,that invisible bubble that most members of society to adhere to. Only few people can enter the bubble threshold – those we want to be intimate with, family, close friends, some colleagues, pets, and perhaps a medical team if I am unconscious. Entering ones bubble is a privilege and takes time to be given such access. On the other hand we have personal space bubble bursters just booming out of control at the moment and I honestly don’t know what action to take.

If you haven’t seen the episode of Seinfeld where they reference the close talker – watch it below and you will understand the full extent of which I speak. The uneasiness that personal space intruders create is beautifully captured here

‘Man spread’ – I had not heard this term until I stumbled across an article that was tackling this topic. If you are not sure what this term embodies I think this picture will clarify things:

The article made me feel a tremendous amount of relief that this is a global issue and probably should  be right up there with climate change in my opinion. It is just as relevant and people are suffering globally every day and it is on the rise. I would like to point out that it is not limited to just trains.It happens on buses and public seats in public areas. I don’t care how well endowed you think you are, you aren’t that well equipped to be sprawling at a 180 degree angle. Your goods ain’t that good.

I think that even if someone I really fancy like Edward Norton ( Who I like to think as a decent human being) was to encroach on my space in such a manner, I would still be utterly repulsed and distressed.

Logistically the chairs on such transports are not so wide. I keep my legs closed, I move right up against the wall should I be the one on the window side and I am no stranger to the dimensions of my bottom. I know they creep out into the other half of the chair but I do my best to contain my personal space. I believe am a courteous public transport space user. I don’t understand why there seems to be two strands of people. Spreaders and non-spreaders. You don’t see that asked on the online dating sites but I think it could as that is a pretty big deal breaker in my opinion. Nobody deserves to be squashed to the point of having to twist their spine and shoulders. I enjoy a good detoxifying twist but at yoga not on my hour journey on the bus.

I guess I should point out that this is not a gender attack but it does seem that men are the offenders.
I am sure there are plenty of female spreaders out there but let’s be honest most of those keep it to the stage like Miley Cyrus – that is a more acceptable spread right? RIGHT?  (Hmm ok.. it is questionable and now I have gone off track, but at least this spread is respectful of other’s personal space and perhaps to some, enjoyable.)

I really hate it, I can’t help how I feel about this topic and today on top of dealing with the man spread and my lumbar spine trauma, I was virtually being sat on top of as well. It is so distressing that I can’t really get into it without feeling so mad.

Instead I direct you here and spare a moment for those who have been victims of this crime, like me, today.