*Warning – Spoilers are below*


Homeland is a great TV show, I am not for one minute doubting this, but like all great TV shows they can get a bit wayward around season 3 and especially season 4. I don’t know why this phenomenon happens but it does and sometimes not every audience member pulls through these lulls. I call it the Season 4 fallout.

nullRemember when True Blood season 4 opened with Sookie being transported to the fairy world and were left thinking “what is going on here?” I just remember  my partner and I at the time looking at each other after the episode in disbelief and shock. Did we really just watch a HBO produced show? WTF? Luckily we stayed ‘true’ until season 7 but I suspect there was a lot of season 4 fallout.

This is not a recent phenomena. It has been happening through my entire TV watching life. What about the OC? Season 4 never got going because Marissa’s death was what killed the show. No more Ryan and Marissa. How could Seth and Summer cope with this tragic loss? They couldn’t people … Marissa was the glue – what were they thinking?! (Gosh I miss this show. I really do.)null

What about Dawson’s Creek  (*Squeal* my all time  favourite) What were they thinking starting season 4 with Joey and Pacey returning from their summer romance on “true love” ? Wrong. Just all wrong. Dawson and Joey were always meant to be together. It didn’t cause dramatic story arcs it caused traumatic ones!


I’m with Dawson on this one and this photo sums it all up. He is conveying exactly what Season 4 fallout is all about.

Anyway the list is endless of TV shows where season 4 fallout happens.

Ok back to Homeland.

After season 3 of Homeland and the climactic Brody shenanigans I wondered where the story really could go from here. The Brody/Carrie momentum is what kept so many of us enthralled and interested. I had my concerns when I saw the first promo for Season 4. Where was the story line heading now?

Season 4 started off with Carrie and her struggles with motherhood…it didn’t take me long before I found myself in the season 4 fallout zone. It’s at this point you have to ask yourself those hard questions. Do I continue or stop? What’s the creative angle here? What are the writers trying to achieve? How could a multi-award winning show go this way?

With so many good TV shows I am having trouble fitting them all in. I justify this because I work in media and therefore I must be across all media, especially TV. I currently am juggling The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, Revenge, New Girl and American Horror Story. So as you can see, there really is only room for A list shows. I was starting to doubt if Homeland still deserved a spot on the A list…

Enter Quinn, the CIA Black ops agent of hotness. I saw him as a purely functional character until Season 4. Quinn was cracking at the end of season 3 – he wanted out. I thought perhaps he would be written out of the show…thankfully he was not.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of character development? Let’s get to know the real Quinn indeed! Misunderstood (aren’t all CIA agents?), loyal, a deadly shot, intelligent, edgy and now battling inner demons – oh ladies what a hot mess! I found myself curious as to whether he was going to self destruct or get it together. What about that niggling sexual tension with Carrie? What about the rampant self destruction. Oh my!

I can pinpoint the exact moment I decided I would persist with Homeland.

It is all thanks to this scene…

I suspect a lot of female viewers thought to themselves “oh poor wounded Quinn why don’t you lose yourself with me instead of with her?”

So thank you season 4 writers for making curvy girls everywhere have hope that hot CIA agents are within your grasp and for preventing Season 4 fallout.