You may be suffering from this and not know it. In fact you may have been suffering for years and not have any knowledge about this disorder or its effects. PTT has similar effects of PTSD. Some of the overlapping symptoms are as follows;

  1. Re-experiencing the traumatic event
  2. Intrusive, upsetting memories of the event
  3. Flashbacks (acting or feeling like the event is happening again)
  4. Feelings of intense distress when reminded of the trauma

I keep jumping between 2 and 4 today.

There are very few things that make me smile to myself when it comes to public transport. I like it when you manage to time everthing perfectly, when you leave work to get your bus and their is zero to minimal wait time and you get a seat.If it is an extra good day, a seat to yourself. I like it when you get a bus driver, usually a little younger, usually blasting top 40, that drives a little over the speed limit. You know the ones – they speed just enough to be legally acceptable as to not get caught or feel like the are endangering their passengers. A bus driver like this can be a real treat.It just seems to shave minutes of that laborious trip. There are these drivers that are a bit fast, and then,there are drivers that instill terror.

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of Larry Leadfoot driving my bus. If you have ever seen Harry Potter you will be familiar with the knight bus – that is what this driver put me through. See below to familiarise yourself.

After I got off the bus I was breaking out into a light sweat and my whole body was tense from clutching  onto anything I could. I am quite certain I have developed RSI in both my hands.

Moments of terror that have been flashing up in my mind this morning (see point 3 above) are images of entering the motorway via a ramp – we entered  with such speed that two people were thrown from their seat in spectacular fashion. Limbs flailing around and underpants exposed. Phones and other loose items went flying out of peoples bags, water bottles were rolling around, laptops thudded to the floor, people that were asleep were caught off guard.. and not by their dribble.

This experience is indeed unfortunate but not atypical in Sydney.

I started to catastrophise, my thoughts escalating… I thought that perhaps I  was in some strange live test environment similar to what they put those crash test dummies through.

Panic stricken, I told myself to breathe. Just breathe. I unclenched my bottom cheeks to get an even distribution on the chair – the only thing keeping me safe was the suction my bottom was creating on those plastic leathery seats. As we hurtled through another tunnel I started to wonder just how fast are we going? It is never OK to be going this fast unless Keanu Reeves is telling you there is a bomb on the bus and you must maintain that speed or it will blow up. null

I am sure all bus driver’s have KPI’s to reach such as adhering to timetables, I get it,I do, I am obsessed with time, it’s my thing – but I also would like to arrive….alive.

Public Transport Trauma (PTT)is an entirely made up disorder that may be affecting your loved ones.