Reality Bites will always be one of my favourite movies for so many reasons but if I had to break it down it can be largely attributed to these 2 lines;

1. “She’s just had too many diet cokes today”

2.“We’re going to eat gas”

and Troy Dyer. Swooooooooooooooooooon. What a dreamboat.

We all know a Troy Dyer right? (All wrong but right, anti everything, too cool, intellectual but lazy, good intentions but can’t get their shit together, creates unnecessary sexual tension, strays a little – you get the picture and if you don’t , immediately watch the cult film Reality Bites)

I have someone in my life that resonates all aspects of Troy Dyer but he just doesn’t know it – SIGH. In fact I don’t think he is even aware of this film or character – SIGH
What exactly does the Troy Dyer effect entail?

I have done a deep dive if you will into this phenomena that effected teenage girls int he 90’s and still lives on in them to this day.

I have concluded the following thus far;
It involves some elusive fantasy about grunge rock and scruffy hair
How you should never underestimate the ability a plain white t-shirt has to make men look hot

An irrefutable level of charisma with a splash of assholeness thrown in the mix and the infamous doily comment

When you get past the major red flags (or as I like to perceive them, misunderstandings) and ditch the guy you should be going for, like Michael, it is clear to see that he really is a dreamboat.

I am still hoping a Troy Dyer equivalent will drop the ‘planet of regret’ speech…

maybe one day…until then…

xoxo Forever Troy Dyer