nullThe importance of sleep is well documented and we all know that sleep affects both mental and physical health and that it’s vital to your state of well-being. We have specialists and clinics devoted to ensuring people get their much needed sleep,or sleep disorders ordered, but what this industry is failing to address and educate others on, is the importance of pillow structure and the key role this plays in an uninterrupted sleep.

Pillow structure can be defined, by me, as the way in which one arranges their pillows and the types of pillows used to aid sleep. Get this right and you have unlocked the secrets to an amazing slumber.

I personally have struggled with getting my pillow structure correct and have spent more than my fair share of money, time and effort on the perfect pillow. Much like my romantic endeavours, these pillows all promise to do certain things but fail to deliver. I have tried so many, many, pillows from Kmart, Adairs to a shop that calls itself Pillow Science. I’ve tried latex, memory foam, gel, polyester, hard,medium,feather,medium-soft,stomach sleeper specific pillows, chiropractic pillows and so on. Even when I have been fortunate enough to stay at a hotel where they have a pillow menu, I inevitably end up dismayed and being on the wrong side of housekeeping.

A recurrent theme is that I find myself in the extremes of pillow structure. Often I experience a pillow that is too flat and therefore my head is misaligned with my neck, it feels heavy and induces headaches, or I have a medium to firm pillow that props me up so that it is almost as if I am constantly in the beginning position of an abdominal workout – hardly restful. I have tried all sorts of shapes and positioning and it is not uncommon for me to end up engaging in some type of bed tetris.

One summer’s day a pregnant friend of mine introduced me to this little gem – the snoozer.

nullLet me tell you – it is the closest thing to sleeping bliss I have come across. Whilst I am not pregnant, I definitely can make my stomach look like I am in my first trimester due to my carbonated beverage consumption. Sadly I have even, on occasion, been offered a seat on public transport. I don’t think the pillow is ONLY for pregnant people but no matter how wonderful this pillow is, it is not entirely practical. Logistics and configuration aside, it hardly promotes intimacy in the bedroom.(I won’t even get started on what to do when you start sharing a bed with a significant other/random and having to adapt to their pillow structure or lack thereof… it really can be a deal breaker.)

Once upon a time I thought people with loads of pillows on their bed were either really into design or slightly pretentious. I mean do you really need THAT many pillows?

Now I think they have so many on their bed because they are more adept in the ways of pillow structure or more enlightened on the topic.

I welcome any advice on this ever problematic topic.