null A strange question perhaps and one that you may never even thought about before, but friends if you have ever dared to dream about your ideal partner and their ideal job, and that just happens to be an engineer and you don’t know where to find one, look no further. I have stumbled upon an untapped resource so that if you too are experiencing any of the below, you will know where to go.

The other night I went out for dinner with some girl friends.  It was an after work affair at a pokey, hole in the wall bar. It was filled with cocktails, curly fries and tacos. The conversation inevitably lead to all things men and the usual ponderings and frustrations that consisted of “Where are the good ones? Why can’t I find one?” and I, in jest, announced that I quite fancy the idea of an engineer, and not just any engineer, one that designs rides – like my favourite rides, the Tower of Terror for example at Disney or the roller coasters at six flags. Who is responsible for creating these things? I asked to my friends, Where are these people? How do I find one? Surely they would be a good catch – they would possess such traits such as being creative,innovative,logical,fun – you get the idea. Where are these so called Imagineers that Disney claims they have so many of? Where do they go? Is this another elaborate Disney story? What circles are these people in?

Then to my sheer delight and shock my friend announced her cousin actually did this line of work and I was,needless to say, ecstatic that this category of men does in fact exist! I squealed with disbelief and excitement all at once!

Sadly he was already attached but the hope was instilled in me. I didn’t think much more of it other than a good giggle with girlfriends and a bit of daydreaming until I went home and…


Rewind a few days. I’m sitting in my counsellors office and she is discussing with me how I probably need to start working out what I want in terms of relationships. After dealing with some disappointments recently that really knocked me about, she suggested looking at some online dating sites if only to distract me, see what is out there and really start formulating what I do and don’t like,want and need.  The idea turned my stomach, my instincts were screaming that I was not ready to do that, but reluctantly, I thought she has never  led me astray thus far so trust the process. Right?

So I get home after the pleasant evening out with my girl friends and I popped onto the only site I managed to sign up to. Somewhat hesitant and slightly nauseous with wounded esteem, I just thought I’d flick through and see what is out there. Initial observations were making me cringe but then the words “Chemical Engineer” popped up in a profile and then 6 swipes later “I’m a Software Engineer”,  another few swipes “I work in Electrical Engineering” . They are sprinkled throughout online dating sites ladies! Go forth and find your ideal guy with your ideal job. Then it dawned on me. I haven’t given this the proper thought I need. I mean what engineer was I after? Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Environmental, Industrial? Where does my roller coaster guy fit into this picture?

Clearly my counsellor was onto something. I know vaguely what I want, but not the specifics. Maybe there is something to that notion of really working out what you want and what you don’t want. I guess I have a lot of work to do.

As it turns out there is a plethora of engineers that come together to make roller coasters …

…and you can find them all online!

Go forth and swipe.