Chances are if you are a female(or even male) that was born in the 80 ’s the Care Bears may have been a key television show in your childhood development. I am very fond of the Care Bears and even to this day they hold a special place in my heart. A recent conversation with my cousin on the topic got me thinking and I can’t help but wonder if they ruined my life a little or what influence they had on their generation of viewers.

I was given a plush Care Bear and it was Tender Heart

nullHe was with me for most of my youth. Tender Heart’s personality is defined as follows  “the organiser and unofficial leader of the Care Bears. He has the power to inspire others to follow his lead. He’s such a nice guy, that he has to ask for someone’s help when his niceness has got him into trouble again.”

( all descriptions of bears come from here)

(*As an aside, the description was pretty damn accurate, almost as if my parents were trying to match my personality to the bear with a key emphasis on the word organiser, but I can’t give them that much credit for having any such emotional insight)

Anyway I digress.

May I draw your attention to this bit “niceness has got him into trouble again” – and this is where things start to fall apart. Perhaps Tender Heart bear was instilling messages to influential children (me) that could be more commonly known and viewed as traits in our adult life that resemble that of a co-dependent bear. I mean maybe they were teaching some of us to have unhealthy boundaries by giving too much and being too nice and not being able to say no. Tender Heart bear was always there for everyone but I just can’t help but wonder was Tender Heart bear ever there for himself? Did he just give and give and give until he could give no more? What has Tender Heart taught me.

I wonder.

Who knows what you turned out like if you liked Secret Bear who preferred to talk with pantomime to get his message across, which often led to him whispering the message in your ear. I am going to say that you might be slightly creepy and unhinged with some unhealthy dating habits that could resemble stalking or voyeurism.

What about those who adored Funshine Bear whose description says she’s ready for a party anytime or anyplace. I think that is pretty self explanatory about how those girls turned out…

A childhood friend had Birthday Bear and his description says that no matter what is going on, Birthday Bear always finds a reason to celebrate. He can’t keep his hands off sweets and gift-wrapped parcels, which often gets him into trouble. Let’s fast forward to adult life where Birthday Bear has grown into over indulgent bear, tends to party to excess and possibly has developed some type of eating disorder and kleptomania.

I just can’t help but wonder is there a connection?

Being in my 30’s I am very aware that should something upsetting happen, a cloud mobile with a delightful Care Bear is not going to arrive on my doorstep. I won’t lie about the fact  that I often gaze out the window and hope that my assigned Care Bear will turn up and explain to my boss why I just can’t hole punch correctly and just magically fix the whole stationery nightmare – but no such luck.

I would however find it very useful if adults had the insignia on their bellies to show their personality. Think about the multitude of benefits that would bring. Just like a big warning sign on your tummy. Alcoholics could have little wine glasses on their tummies,etc etc…

Did you have a Care Bear ? If you did, maybe it is time to reflect on the effect he/she may of had in your life.

In my opinion, Care Bears have a lot to answer for.null